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Triple-Trek(Valley of Flowers, Hemkund Sahib, Vasudhara Waterfall) in the hills of Badrinath & Govind ghat

This write-up is based on experiences during our family trek programme (May 2018) organized by Himalayan trek n tour. We were a team of four members myself, my husband and our two teen aged daughters led by trek lead Santhosh Rana.  It was a tri-trek programme to vasudhara falls, hemkund sahib and the valley of flowers.

Trek to the Vasudhara falls

On First day trek, morning 9.00 am we offered prayers to lord Badri vishal in badrinath and we travelled to India’s last village Mana situated near the Indo-Tibetian border. By 11 a.m from the base camp of saraswathi temple in Mana, we started our trek to vasudhara falls located 8 kms away. The topography being very rocky and sloppy we had panted breaths. Gradually we all got acclimatized and breathed normally. Surrounded on all sides by snow- capped mountains and greenery, the panoramic view was breath-taking. The sun was shining very brightly yet the winds were cold. Our trek lead helped us with water and other refreshments which he carried along with him. On the way we had to cross over a glacier. After trekking for nearly 3hrs we could hear the roaring sound of the Vasudhara cascade. Soon we spotted the far-view of the magnificent waterfalls. As we neared the cascade we were enamored by the scenic beauty of the huge pyramid of ice at the foot of the cacade.we were all overwhelmed by the serene beauty of nature.


According to hindu mythology, the pandavas had meditated near the waterfalls. We had almost set foot on the pyramid of ice when we got ice-cold showers. Our guide said that there is a common belief that only the blessed and pure souls get such showers. We were all excited by the mesmerizing beauty of the ice falls. We clicked a few shots for our future memory. The down-trek drained the kids off their energy. The winds were blowing hard and chill. Thanks to the fleeces and the wind jackets we were wearing. By 6pm we reached the base camp where we were advised to take tulsi tea—that will drive away our weariness. Thus we completed our 1st day trek successfully. We had a wonderful home-stay at Ganga Resorts-Govind ghat, where we had delicious supper and cozy slumber.


Trek to the Hemkund Sahib

On the second day trek, we started our Hemkund sahib trek. From Govindghat we flew in a helicopter to the base camp of Gangharia, a high altitude hill hamlet, situated 12 km away. From there we started our steep hill trek to hemkund above 3500 mts on mules-back around 11 am. The mules took 1 ½  hrs to climb 4km of the steep stretch. the rest of the 2kms journey was in a staircase ascent over the snow-covered mountains. Owing to the reduced levels of oxygen in the air, our kids had some hardships in climbing. They were trekking very slowly and our lead insisted us to arrange baskets for them. So we hired basket-walas for them. Finally we reached our destination by 1.30 pm. Amidst the snow laden peaks we saw a Gurudwara—where gurugovind is said to have meditated. There was an old Lakshman temple as well. Finally the exuberant view of semi frozen lake stole our heart.


It is situated about 15,000 feet above the sea level. All of us were dumbstruck by the sheer vibrant beauty of the lake. We spent a few minutes there enjoying the heavenly view and taking a few clicks. We had a light lunch of noodles steamed rice and black gram curry. Our guide asked us to start our downward trek as fierce cold winds might blow after 3pm. The down trek over the snow was easy and enjoyable. The downhill mule journey was very scary and uncomfortable. By evening 5 pm we reached gangharia and rested in a star category hotel. It was really great to know a high altitude village offers a luxury suit stay with sumptuous food.


Trek to the Valley of Flowers

On the third day, we began our trek to the valley of flowers. This national park is one of world’s heritage sights. There were ceremonies and puja on the opening  day of the valley after its long closure for the winter season. We were the first batch of tourists for the year 2018. The rocky terrain and the gentle slopes made the trek interesting. We took snaps near river pushpavathi . There were a lot of tiny himalayan flora, some high-altitude birds; we even spotted a himalayan deer. After walking for 3kms we confronted the astounding valley 8km long and 2km wide.


All of us were enthralled by the entrancing beauty of the green meadow embellished with tiny blossoms. According to our guide the valley is said to be an earthly paradise during the flowering season in july- august – full colorful, fragrant and unique flora. We rested in the meadow, enjoyed its intoxicating beauty: our guide provided a little brunch of stuffed parattas and fruit beverages. After our downhill trek to gangharia, we flew down to Govindghat for resting in Ganga luxury resorts.

There by we happily completed our three- fold trek. We are sure that we will cherish the memories of this amazing trip in our minds. We owe a great gratitude to our trip advisor and trek lead Mr. Santhosh Rana and his professionalism in the trip organisation-right from the pick-up from Dehradun to every detail including food accommodation, guiding, providing all information and drop-down to Dehradun.



Write-up compiled by: Mrs Vimala Elango.

Team members :

  1. Prof Elango – Frequent trekker with Himalayan trek n tour
  2. Mrs Vimala Elango
  3. Raksha Elango
  4. Aishwarya Elango

Team Lead:

Mr.Santhosh Rana, Himalayan Trek n Tour



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