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Blue Poppy: The Queen of Himalayan Flowers

Mother Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. Flowers are the best example to see how beautifully nature painted the earth’s canvas with vivid colors. Although, there are thousands of flowers you can see around you. But in this blog, we will take you to explore the prettiness of one of the famous flowers from Valley of Flowers called Blue Poppy.

The Earth Laughs in Flower

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

This Poppy is amongst those rare varieties of Poppies that you can see in the Valley of Flowers. In other blogs, we have mentioned a lot about the Valley of flowers. It is situated near Badrinath (Uttarakhand). It is a well-renowned trekking place in India, famous for its meadows of alpine flora and fauna. Mountaineers, Nature Lovers and Nature Photographers admire the magnificent beauty of this place. So, let’s walk around and read why Blue Poppy is the Queen of Himalayan Flowers.

The term is derived from the Greek word Mecon. Mecon means Poppy and as it is blue that’s why it named as Blue Poppy. This flower is also called Meconopsis Aculeata. It was first discovered by Viguier, a French Botanist in the year 1814. Earlier, the flower was also considered as a National Flower of Bhutan.

These perennials grow tall around three to five feet, with deep blue color and have hairy leaves. It has some specific growing requirement that’s why not perfect for every garden. It is good for the areas that are cool, moist and have excellent acidic soil. Himalayas’ soil consists of all these qualities that nurture Poppy flowers well in this region. This enchanting flower creates a spectacular show in mid-July to August. Himalayan Blue Poppy looks like an ornament that gorgeously decorates alpine meadows.

The lap of Valley of flowers has other flowers as well like yellow, pink and red flowers. Some of the famous yellow flowers are Vajardanti (Potentilla Cuneifolia), Kan Phuliya(Taraxacum Officinale), Himalayan Daisy, pink flowers-Pannir Soppu(Geranium Collinum), Jalkutre(Primula Denticulata) and red flowers-Himalayan Venus, Wild Rose and more.

Nothing in this world is more attractive to see how Blue Poppy plays with its other counterparts and compliment nature. So plan now and explore the captivating scenery of Valley of Flowers with Blue Poppy and other Himalayan flowers.


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